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Wedding Photographer

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For people that are just a little bit different

I am a wedding photographer based in sunny Wiltshire, working all across the UK and Europe. 

I love photographing weddings, can you imagine a better job than taking pictures of really happy people for the day ?

My Style - Reportage / Documentary with a bit of flare

Reportage is a word that is currently fashionable, it is a way of saying 'i am not a boring old fashioned type of wedding photographer' . We have all been to those weddings, the ones where everyone spends 3 hours of the day waiting to stand in a line and face the camera just to be shouted at by the bossy photographer. The reportage style that has now come of age and is a way of documenting this special day in a much less obtrusive, more enjoyable and fun way (for everyone). For me it is about becoming part of the team, for that one day we are all coming together to create something wonderful. In the past I have had hugs and tears when leaving, one couple even sent me a very generous bank transfer as a tip before I had even woken up the next day.

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer - Jamie Denny

It is the moment between the moments


Almost every aspect of my job is about people, yes it takes an established technical skill to create amazing images in split seconds. But gear and skill aside my job is to dance the fine line between being part of the day and disappearing into the background.  For me it is all about the people, getting to know them and making them feel comfortable. Then, when no one notices the photographer anymore I can take the shots of the important moments that happen between the big moments.

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer - Jamie Denny
Wiltshire Wedding Photographer - Jamie Denny

Why invest in photography ?.


You don't get to redo the big day, there is no second chance or a moment to pause. A professional photographer is as close as you will get to a guarantee that you will get the memories after all of your planning, love and investment. A good photographer is a problem solver, someone you can count on to keep calm and come up with the goods when the chips are down.

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer - Jamie Denny

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Associations, Gear and Insurance







I am proud to have been accepted as a member of the SWPP - Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers


Gear matters, it shouldn't but it does. I currently use the professional grade Sony cameras and lenses for all of my work. They allow me to achieve things I never thought possible and the leap in technology has been huge in the last few years. Whilst the brand isn't important it is important to know the level of equipment I carry and that I carry a back up of everything. Every camera, lens, flash, stand, memory card, battery and even bags because things can go wrong. Whilst it is more likely my equipment would be damaged by a rogue champagne cork than just failing I carry backups of everything because you can never be sure. This continues back in the studio with your images, they are all triple backed up to onsite, offsite and cloud based storage solutions to give me and you peace of mind that there are enough backups to cover any eventuality.


Whilst we don't want to say it out loud, sometimes things just go wrong. So you need peace of mind that if it is needed I have full insurance with both public liability and professional indemnity. I am even covered for emergency equipment should all of my gear go missing in customs on the way to your dream destination wedding.  

Wiltshire Wedding Photographer - Jamie Denny


'You work with such discretion and professionalism, everything we wanted from a photographer. You can get things done whilst smiling the whole day and making everyone feel relaxed'


'I am so glad that we did. Jamie was very professional and knew exactly what we wanted , nothing was to much for him. The pictures that he took where fantastic and the extras offered just topped it off. I would 100% recommend Jamie denny photography to capture any special moment'

Some Really Cool Ideas

As well as a dedicated photographer for the day there are ways we can really make the photography part of the day for your guests.

  • Images from the day on show at the evening reception - I will aim to get a large selection of the day time images quickly edited and put on display for the reception. Whilst the guests are at the bar waiting they will be able to look over the pictures from the day on a tablet.

  • Photo Booth - How about a pop up photo booth with props, guests can operate the whole thing themselves and create some of the funniest images you will get.

  • Instant Prints - We all know the worst thing about digital photography is the fact we rarely look at the images after they are taken. I can provide instant printing from a small portable printer, guests love this during the evening reception.

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